We understand that for a lot of people, this crisis is scary, sad, frustrating, and often a mixture of all three. It is healthy to let these emotions go and vent to someone or something in a safe place. We want to provide you with a safe place. Below is a google form. Please feel free to put whatever you need to in the response box to vent to use about the coronavirus, and know someone somewhere is listening and understands. Please refrain from any inappropriate responses. We are here for you. We all are.

If you are considering self-harm, please call the national Suicide Prevention Lifeline at


Please note we cannot be held accountable for any inappropriate or lewd responses, and we would ask that everyone be respectful of others in their venting. This is a tough crisis, but it is a time to band together against this situation and come out on top.

The form is anonymous, so we will not be responding to any answers, but we will read what we can.